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Sports Injury Pain Relief to Get You Back in the Game

It’s common knowledge that being an athlete almost guarantees a sports injury at some point during one’s career. In collaboration with your physician, our pharmacist at Well Care Compounding Pharmacy can provide treatments and focused pain relief products to help treat your sports injury(s) to restore movement and function as quickly as possible and get you back to the sport you love.

In sports, there are two types of injuries: cumulative and acute. Cumulative injuries are bruises, breaks, strains, and sprains while acute injuries are repetitive trauma that usually occurs in swimmers, racquet sport players, dances, and runners. Compounded medications can be very beneficial for every kind of athlete. Sports medicine compounding is the best way to get back, and stay, in the game!

Professional athletes use topical pain creams to recover from their aches and pains. It can be used for inflammation, joint pain, muscle pains, etc. Luckily, pharmacy compounding isn’t only for the rich and famous, it’s for everyday athletes and workout people like you.

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Workout programs and sports activities are based upon an athlete’s strengths and are personalized to meet the individual athlete’s needs. Since this is so important, why would you accept anything less than customized medications to treat your injuries? Different athletes have different training regimes and body types and most over the counter medications available come in limited strengths and the amounts to be used are not always clear. With compounding, the medications can be made specifically for the individual and their specific ailment/injury.

Compounded medications can reduce medication side effects like stomach upset and other symptoms. Well Care Compounding pharmacy can compound alternate dosage delivery systems of the medication you need. Oral medications can cause GI upset, drowsiness, and other unpleasant side effects. With a compounded transdermal cream, the medication is applied topically and the medication bypasses the GI tract which can minimize or even eliminate the side effects. At Well Care Compounding Pharmacy, we make topical creams, gels, or solutions in strengths specific to you and your medical needs. Transdermal creams are placed directly on the point of injury and in doing so, relief and recovery is quicker.

For more information on compounding remedies for your sports injury treatment, give us a call and speak with a Well Care compounding pharmacist.